Axel van Ickx


Artist & painter Axel van Ickx

Hi, I am Axel.

Born and raised in Belgium. That little country squeezed between The Netherlands and France. Famous for Magritte. Famous for its surrealism. For certain fatty food products.

The only country being proud of a statue of a pissing man.

Where medieval towns are abundantly present. And how about the inventor of comic novels?

Combining all these elements gives an artist a wealth of inspiration.

Being an entrepreneur in my daily life, I am drawn to arts by the people I meet, the places I visit, and the the conversations I overhear. Arts are in my veins.

As a child, I always loved drawing. Becoming a husband and a father swallowed up my time, but as time went by, my love for arts got stronger. I took up the pencil in 2013 and studied at the Arts Academy of Crazy Town, a sleepy town in the Flemish Ardennes of Belgium.